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We Should All Be Watching Queer Eye

image.jpgAll things just keep getting better, and that couldn’t be more true about Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. I have managed to scarf down eight episodes in two days, and I have never before found my binge-watching time to be so well spent. I laughed. I cried. I laughed again, and cried some more. The Fab Five are back, better than ever, and teaching self-care and acceptance.

To me, the breakout star is Jonathan Van Ness, a raven-haired beauty with a kind heart and a killer sense of humor. He’s in charge of grooming, and I’ve already learned so much about what to do if I ever grow a beard! (Not even a joke. I now have a mental arsenal of great products for beard maintenance.)

At the same time, the phrase ‘breakout star’ seems too divisive– this show is about the cohesiveness of this group, the collective consciousness of a food, a design, a fashion, a culture and a grooming expert. Together, they work to improve the lives of the men they meet, touching upon incredibly sensitive issues in contemporary America along the way.

If you set one intention this President’s Weekend, please let it be to watch an episode of Queer Eye. You won’t be disappointed.

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