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How To Host the Perfect Royal Wedding Party

238878.jpgIt feels like just yesterday that I was up like a shot at 6AM, eagerly awaiting the procession of guests for Kate and Will’s fairytale confection of a wedding! Her elegant, refined wedding dress, his slightly balding head… That balcony kiss, and the singing of “Jerusalem” in Westminster Abbey. Magic. It was April 29, 2011, and the moment it was over, I thought to myself, “I can’t wait for Harry.”

With just a few days to go, and still more drama to come from Thomas Markle, I’ve outlined my suggestions for a fun, easy, early-morning wedding party. No muss, no fuss, just as it should be. 
Royal Wedding.png

  1. Send out that Paperless Post, STAT! There are lots of free options, your friends will appreciate the festive touch, and it will help you keep the guest list organized. See mine, made in just 40-seconds, to the right.
  2. Pregame properly. In this case, I suggest watching Lifetime’s steamy Harry and Meghan in advance of the nuptials.
  3. Institute a dress code your friends can get behind. While there’s a part of every anglophile that wants to assign Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenice-themed costumes, the early start time behooves me to say, ‘Pajamas only!’
  4. Prepare beverages for the all-important wedding toast. Whether you’d like to go all in with a champagne breakfast, or start  the day with some low-key English Breakfast, make sure to toast the happy couple. 9427545600ba6838b209a355aec2975d.jpg
  5. Create your own collectible. For those parts of the coverage that lag, and there will be parts!, arrange a group, memento-making activity. Buttons, collages, tees, flower-pressing, what have you.
  6. Flowers, flowers, everywhere. Rather than buying throw-away decorations you’ll never use again – until Prince George! – decorate your home with fresh flowers. Very English.
  7. Cut the (pan)CAKE(s). It is breakfast after all, so make a stack of pancakes, and enjoy!

Most importantly, wake up everyone – your siblings, your spouse, your grandparents, your dogs. This comes around so exceptionally, and it’s a big moment in pop culture. Don’t miss it. You don’t know how badly I wish I could have been there in 1981.

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