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Disorganization Resolved: Paper Source

I am horrifically disorganized. As my roommates can tell you, my room looks like a hurricane hit it after a robbery that went terribly wrong. In class, I am the perpetual pencil-borrower, staple-requester, inconveniencing classmate. The last thing anyone wants to hear right before the start of an exam is, “Hey, uh, could I borrow a pencil?” (I know this, because I do this. For some reason, I never learned basic organizational skills.)photo 4

photo 2At the same time, I like to describe myself as ‘organized.’ Just like I like to say I ‘willingly embrace change,’ this is a lie, but it’s a lie I so badly want to be true! I want to be organized! Messy descends so quickly into dirty that I feel this is particularly necessary as I embark on my journey to Italy…In order to prepare for the worst, I sought out monogrammed notebooks for all my classnotes.

I have always been a big advocate for handwriting classnotes, it helps me process information more, so I really made an effort to find notebooks I wouldn’t dare lose. Paper Source is a fantastic site for personalizing photo 3stationery, invitations and notebooks, and I was psyched to see how many fun designs there are. It’s also a completely manageable platform, and I recommend it to all those in need of a little more organization.

My obvious favorite is the one that reminds me of the Martinique wallpaper!photo 1

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