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Top Five Movie Goodbyes

In light of my impending departure, I have decided to compile my top five movie goodbyes. Although I hope not to be as dramatic as some of these scenes, I do imagine a few tears will be shed. I’ve never been very good with saying goodbye, even if it’s just, “Goodbye, for now.” One thing I have learned to embrace is owning the sadness, newness and confusion of change.  I always used to push my parents out of my bunk/dormroom, just because I was too afraid to get teary-eyed. I now accept that it’s an inevitability that feels pretty good! Rather than bottling up all of that confusion, releasing can be so very dang great. There’s always a shining light on the other end of change.

  1. “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” If you like Harrison Ford, interesting hairstyles and dramatic love affairs, how can you resist the romance between Princess Leia and Han Solo?
  2. “The Sound of Music” 

    I three hundred and ten percent plan to sing this to my mother, sister and boyfriend at the airport. Just by myself. All parts.

  3. “Casablanca”

    This is a classic. I watched it in my film class for the first time, and finally understood the American captivation with Ingrid and Bogey.

  4. “Toy Story 3” these films through to this touching scene, pulls at every feeling human’s heart strings. If you don’t react to this, there is genuinely something wrong with you. You probably don’t like babies, hearts and cotton candy either.
  5. “Gone with the Wind”

    Oh, Rhett! Can you be more dashing? More debonair? More of a fox? And Scarlett…too many things to say.


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