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Florida:Flo Rida as…

url-1.jpgI’ve got to believe that Flo Rida is not given nearly enough credit by music listeners of the early 2000’s. I have not once heard one of my friends proclaim that he or she loooooves Flo Rida. And you know what? That’s sad! That actually really bums me out for Flo. Here’s why: Flo Rida has actually put out a good number of really fun songs! He’s just as legitimate as any other artist, but he doesn’t seem to possess one large, consistent fanbase. The Beliebers. Selenators. Directioners. Swifties. Dead Heads. Nothing for Flo. Nothing at all…url.jpg

Can you possibly have forgotten the first time you danced to “Low?” (For context, it was 2008, and I was at a Middle School dance.) Or “Right Round?” What about “Good Feeling?” “Wild Ones?” “CLUB CAN’T HANDLE ME?” To be fair, a lot of his songs definitely take heavy handed inspiration from other artists (understatement.), but I really think they’re fun! Maybe fun isn’t enough anymore…But then again, what the heck would you call “One Direction,” if not, fun? And they’re very popular!

Now that “My House” is getting super popular, I would like all music listeners to appreciate the fact that Flo Rida’s songs are, at the very least, consistently fun. This is more of a PSA than a meaningful post.


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