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My Valentine’s Day “Ragrets”

fruit-friends-valentines-day-cards-537x442.jpgLet me set the stage for you– in 2nd grade, I strictly wore high ponytails. My dad would sweep them back so tightly that, without even knowing it, I basically received a consistent face lift for a year. (Not a real treatment.) It wasn’t a great look because I also had skin that most would describe as ‘sallow.’ This was the age of SPF 3000.

We took class in a room with a slop bucket, which I feel is the point my grandkids will latch on to as this totally old-timey thing– kind of like my fascination with wood burning stoves and corporal punishment.  But really, we had a bucket for liquids that was referred to by all adults as the slop bucket. It was pretty gross, and also, incredibly fascinating. You couldn’t help but stare into the fathoms of that bucket daily, pondering, how is this pink one day and blue the next?

kid.jpgAnyway. It was the week of Valentine’s Day, and in typical fashion, I got super excited about picking out my cards…and then promptly remembered how terrible it is to hand write 20 notes as an eight year old. At first, I tried to get creative and write something personalized, but slowly slipped into the same old, Dear ____, Happy V-day! Suffice to say, when ‘V-day’ finally did roll around, I was ready to get rid of those babies. valentines-hearts.gif

While I was handing out my cards, a boy I shall refer to as ‘Tiffin Night,’ handed me a folded up piece of paper. He said to open it in private, and blushed as he said it. Of course, someone overheard, and it spread within seconds throughout the whole class. I was so embarrassed! (Dumb, Avery.) I would totally appreciate a love note in 2016…

So here comes the ‘ragret’: I put the note in the slop bucket. I didn’t even open it. WHAT IS WRONG WTIH ME?! I remember being so incredibly aware of everyone looking at me, waiting for me to open it. I couldn’t take the attention, and I didn’t like the pressure! Little boys snickering, to this day, makes me anxious. I wish I could apologize to Tiffin…


(I have always wanted to include the meme from “We’re the Millers” in a blog post, so here it is. ^^)

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