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Air BNB-ing with Nancy Meyers

nancy_meyers.jpgNancy Meyers is not only a master director and writer, but she is also incredible at curating gorgeous sets for her films. Truly, every room she decorates makes me green with envy. I would give a lot to spend a week rotating from home to home. One day, the renter of a small British cottage, the next, the daughter of an esteemed winemaker in California. What more could you ask for? (Especially if Jude Law were part of some package deal. I’d even settle for a randy Jack Nicholson!) So, if I were given unlimited AirBNB cash, here’s how I would rank my preference for time spent at each locale! (From favorite to least favorite…if you can call something you still adore your ‘least favorite.’)

1. “The Holiday” Yep, the classic Cameron Diaz-Kate Winslet Christmas switch-a-roo. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend some time in a charming, English cottage? With exposed wooden beams, a gorgeous stone fireplace, and wall-to-wall bookshelves, Iris’ cottage in “The Holiday” is my number one pick for a romantic getaway. I adore the wire frame bed, with the weathered walls, and the tiny metal bathtub. Of all of Nancy Meyers’ masterful creations, Iris’ cottage is where I would most love to spend my time. It’s cozy and sweet, without being too quaint. I love the idea of lighting a beautiful fire, snuggling under my blankets, setting out a pot of tea and reading a good book. It’s a winter wonderland, if there ever was one. A great detail in the kitchen is the arrangement of traditional, blue and white Spode serving trays. 

2. “Something’s Gotta Give” Erica Barry’s (Diane Keaton) Hamptons beach house reminds me completely of my mother’s own home decor. With lots of natural light, muted shades of blue, and views of the ocean, I feel like I intimately know this home already. In fact, I feel like I intimately know Erica Barry. Her home is such a reflection of Erica’s personal style, as well as the ‘breezy’ vibe she tries, but fails, to exude. How cute is she in that white turtleneck with her white kitchen?

3. “The Parent Trap” Lindsay Lohan lucked out with not one, but two sweet homes. Her London townhouse is gorgeous— with a lovely porch, opening foyer, cushy bed for Natasha Richardson and insane crown moldings. AND her California vineyard stuns equally as much! I’m a major fan of the high ceilings, the alcoves, the long outdoor porch and particularly, the ivy covered walls. When the wretched Meredith Blake gives ‘Hallie’ a talking to, I can’t help but admire the little rocking-pergola they sit in. I love trail riding, and I couldn’t wait to take an indignant trot across the expansive property. 

4. “The Intern” Not going to lie, this was not my favorite of Nancy’s films. However, the decor was totally on point! She completely captured the balance between Brooklyn-modernity and family home. The decor is bright, bold and uncluttered, while still managing to be peppered with family photographs and finger paintings. I’m not normally one for simple— I love a good tchotchke, or 57— but the home is undeniably well decorated. Everything works. Total mis en place. 

5. “It’s Complicated” I’d hop onto a plane to Santa Barbara pronto if I could spend just one evening in Jane’s (Meryl Streep) split level home— especially her open concept kitchen! So much drama goes down in that kitchen during the film, as well as so much delicious cooking. It’s funky, while maintaining a sense of California-casual. I’d love to sit at Jane’s kitchen island and hash out all the details that make “It’s Complicated” so complicated. The natural light above the sink is a wonderful touch, and expands the space even further.


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