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The Weekender and What I Really Need


My Athleta leggings, modeled by a model.

I am a seriously inefficient packer. Whether I’m overpacking big-


My Altar’d State flowy shorts. 

time, or under-packing on a major level, I’m usually forgetting a bunch of Weekend Essentials. One would think that after spending a semester jetting around the world with Grace, arguably the most organized human being on this planet, I would be an expert packer, a la Goldilocks– just right. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Rather, I think I actually rubbed off on Grace. (Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that I corrupted the incorruptible. Woo! Bad habits love company!)


My T. Anthony travel kit.

Surprisingly, it’s been my weekly commute in and out of Manhattan that has forced me to pack intelligently. I think the fact that I was lugging a suitcase around the Underground really sent me over the edge. (You know when you’re carrying your suitcase, your handbag and some random canvas tote, and the strap starts to dig into your arm and leave a mark? After about 21 days of this experience, I decided to change my tune and plan ahead.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.22.06 AM.png

My favorite summer dress, 2016. Ulla Johnson.

So what exactly does planning ahead mean for me? Simply put, it demands that I prepare a well-thought out, reasonable packing list. I overpack because I imagine several more outfit changes than will truly be necessary. I plan for weather that will never come, and I like to have

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.29.01 AM

My one-piece of choice. Watch out for a wacky tan…

options. On the flip side, I under pack when I’m feeling lazy, rushed or a bit down on myself. (My outfits become a minor priority when I’m not on top of my game.) It’s an unfortunate cycle, because when I don’t feel good about how I’m presenting myself, I feel even worse.

If you relate to this on any level at all, let me offer you some free, unsolicited advice. Below is my current packing list for a 3-day weekend. Perfect to last you past Labor Day! Sometimes a little structure is all you need, even if it seems self-explanatory and intuitive.

  • Saturday:
    • Leggings, tee, sports bra, socks, underwear, sneakers (working out in the a.m.)
    • Coverup, bathing suit, flip flops (throughout the day, hanging by the pool)
    • Summery dress, bra, new underwear, wedges (dinnertime)
    • Big tee (sleep)
  • Sunday:
    • New leggings, new tee, new sports bra, new socks, new underwear, same sneakers (working out in the a.m.)
    • Flowy shorts, tank top, new bathing suit, same flip flops (throughout the day, hanging by the pool)
    • Summery blouse, summery skirt, light cardigan, same bra, new underwear, same wedges (dinnertime)
    • Same big tee (sleep)
  • Monday: 
    • New leggings, new tee, new sports bra, new socks, new underwear, same sneakers (working out in the a.m.)
    • New coverup, same bathing suit, same flip flops (throughout the day, hanging by the pool)
    • New summery dress, same bra, new underwear, same wedges (dinnertime)
    • Same big tee (sleep)
  • Toiletries:
    • Dopp kit with makeup, lotions, hair brush, tooth brush
    • Medication
  • Tech:
    • Computer
    • Phone/computer charger
  • Weather Contingency:
    • Rain coat
  • Total Clothing Count: About 35 items.

If you follow this, you won’t be stuck borrowing clothes from a friend! And you’ll have exactly, to a T, what you’ll need for a long weekend. I recommend a Rimowa roller for greatest transportation ease.




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