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Miss Peregrine

peregrins-gallery9.jpgI have always loved reading books written for the age that I am currently not. I find that taking myself out of the mind of a 20-something is loads more relaxing, and a way more interesting, literary journey. (The same went for me as a child. I was always pushing the boundaries on appropriate reading material. “I’m a pusher. I push people.” Name that movie. Anyways, why would I want to read about a silly Lower School crush, when I could sneak-skim the bodice rippers at my Grandma’s house?) Distracting myself with alternate realities has been one of my favorite parts about reading since I can remember. Hence, rather than freaking out and reading anything about a 20-something struggling to get a job, find love, etcetera, I’ve made a total 180.

miss.jpgMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was my YA series of choice this summer. After a trip to Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City, I dove in and didn’t come up for air until a week later. The novels follow Jacob, a fairly average boy who actually possesses a peculiar power. His journey is brimming with intrigue, romance and action. I can’t get enough of British culture, so this England-based series helps me capture my favorite Harry Potter feels.

The ever-eccentric Tim Burton is releasing a film version of the first book, and I can’t wait to check it out later this month! I highly recommend giving it a read, especially as it is so creatively written: integrating photography with the written word, Miss Peregrine’s is a YA book for all ages. There’s a fun X-Men quality to the series, so if you’re a fan of Marvel, you may be intrigued by a world of peculiarly imgres.jpgpowerful children. (If you watch the trailer, you’ll catch DiSA’s “New World Coming.” It’s so good! Can’t get it out of my head.)

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