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badasscrossstitch3When it comes to what is known as the ‘domestic arts,’ people don’t typically associate things like knitting circles, quilting and cross stitch as potential for subversive feminism. But guess what, people, cross stitchin’ is a bitchin’ way to make a statement. (Yes, I wrote bitchin’. And stitchin’. We can all be poets.)

The history of crafting circles with Revolutionary bents traces back to, well, a very long time ago. (William Morris’ Arts and Crafts movement of the 1860s, being the main reference point.) A great place for women to get together as women, as it was, by the standards of most times, an appropriate, productive group activity for women to do unsupervised by men. (Groan.) Nowadays, there are a bunch of opportunities for crafty ladies (and men) to get together and chat, craft and devise methods for prompting social movements. arts-and-crafts-363x450

 At the very least, if you’d like to participate in what has been termed, ‘Craftivism,’ check out some of these sassy art forms. There’s so much more to the ‘domestic arts’ now than there has ever been before, particularly with the advent of the Internet and sites like Etsy. I love Bad Ass Cross Stitch for something with a markedly feminist bent, as well as Cats Pajamas Creations. Both can be found on Etsy!

If you’re interested in founding your own Craftivist collective, count me in! 

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