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Tanamachi Studio

tanamachi_kin_oak_72_grandeThe impermanence of a college dorm room, or even a college apartment, necessitates quick thinking and short-term, portable interior design solutions. Especially when it comes to wall boot_8x10_grandehangings and decorative pieces, it can feel a little silly to spend money on something that doesn’t have a long shelf life. With that in mind, I propose a balanced spending approach to college room décor. Mix and match new objects with old! Head to the thrift store and discover once forgotten, hidden treasures! This solution will allow for those infrequent, but mostly remorseless, splurge moments.

1-large_grandeI often head over to Tanamachi Studio to find artwork that doesn’t totally break the bank. Dana Tanamachi’s whimsical products are ideal for the hyper-feminine, part-bohemian, manic-pixie-dream-girl look. On top of this, Tanamachi’s quality materials will ensure long-lasting use and enjoyment. From prints to posters to bookplates, personalizing your space and capturing your aesthetic is entirely possible and within reach! Let’s all take Marie Kondoa moment to praise the Internet for its profound ability to help individuals cultivate their personal styles…

The best part of it all? Dana Tanamachi is an amazing female role model, showcasing her entrepreneurial, creative spirit in all that she does.


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