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Caroline’s Cakes

giphy.gifRemember that great Weight Watchers Commercial? Goddess Divine Oprah Winfrey looking directly into the camera and declaring, “I. LOVE. BREAD.” Well, I. LOVE. CAROLINE’S. CAKES. To an unhealthy degree. If you’ve ever seen Pollyanna, the 1960 Hayley Mills film, you’re familiar with the seven-layer-cake: individually baked layers, sugary caramel frosting. Perfection!Pollyanna Cakes 2

Caroline’s Cakes is a mail order bakery based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Founded by Caroline Ragsdale, Caroline’s Cakes rose to its current glory through word-of-mouth praise. Caroline first baked her seven-layer-cake for her son’s Christening in 1982, and has continued to spread her baked goods across the country since then.carolines-cakes.3dab40c10cd9afa25e5bda56de1a4948

I first tried Caroline’s Cakes at my Mom and Aunt Andrea’s 50th Birthday Party in Musgrove. Fitting in with the Spanish moss, pecan grove and southern vibes, Caroline’s seven-layer-cake, in caramel, was a showstopper. I remember sneaking into the kitchen, once everyone was asleep, and cutting myself another large slice. (To follow the two I’d already inhaled for dessert!)


Look at that frosting!

Arriving in a homey, neighborly tin, the seven-layer-cake is dense, rich and delicious. The caramel frosting is my favorite part– sugary-sweet and ultra-textured. If you’re not a caramel fan, there are a bunch of other options DSC_3287to choose from: coconut, lemon, chocolate, praline, red velvet and mint-chocolate. Caroline’s also releases holiday-themed  and seasonal cakes.

While these babies are expensive, ringing in at $48 per cake, they are worth the cost. I swear, the next time I go to a party, instead of picking up a gift, I’m bringing the cake! At the very least, give the Caroline’s Cake Sampler a try– you can pick up to four different flavors, all for the price of one cake. Yum!


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