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Australia-New Zealand Winter Packing List

This May, my sister and I have planned a post-graduation trip to Australia and New Zealand. “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!” Am I already basically a native? Possibly. Well-versed in the Wiggles, Frodo and Kangaroos, I think I’m all set to go. Except, while the Northern Hemisphere is about to enter those joyous summer months, the Southern Hemisphere flip-flops. In Australia and New Zealand, we’ll be catching the tail end of autumn, and the very beginning of winter. This means we have to be smart about how we pack.

Here are some items on my list that the discerning traveler, and other inquiring minds, might be interested in. Haley and I plan to pack as lightly as possible, although we’ll be gone for over two weeks:

  • The Hiking Backpack (Venture Pal Lightweight Durable Travel Hiking Backpack, $20) Perfect for our eight hour trek along the Tongariro Alpine Crossing!
  • The Active Bottoms (Athleta, $49-$79) One pair of leggings for cooler days, one pair of capri leggings for warmer days, one pair of slouchy capris for outdoor day trips and one pair of joggers for travel.
  • The Layered Tops (Sherpa Adventure Gear, $75-$100) One lightweight quarter zip and one insulating, hooded fleece.
  • The Accessories (North Face, $20-$60) Two hats– one to protect you from the sun while we’re on the go, the other, from the cold. A neck gator and a pair of gloves.
  • The Shoes (Puma, Sea Star, Nike, $70-$120) While Haley and I will surely go out to dinner, there’s no pressing need for either of us to ever get too dressed up. Because of this, we’ll each only pack three pairs of shoes. Walking sneakers, waterproof beach shoes and a pair of running sneakers. The lighter the load, the less of a pain to carry!

    I will also pack two pairs of jeans, six tees, two nice blouses, two sundresses, one pair of PJs, one cardigan, one bathing suit and one bathing suit cover up.

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