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5 Houseplants You Can Basically Never Kill

If you’re like me, your thumb is less green than orange– Cheetos dust, don’t judge! Nonetheless, I do love bringing plants and nature into my home. They brighten my mood, cleanse our air and add pops of color to my, mainly grey, apartment.

Sometimes, when time starts to slip away from me, I balk at the commitment to a plant. First, the watering. What’s too much? Too little? Then, the slow decay. Why do my flowers actually smell like death? Followed by the final clean up portion. I just shouldn’t have bought these in the first place. Exasperation!

Well, here’s a little secret: There are actually a ton of houseplants you can basically never kill.


  1. Succulents For the super groovy, bohemian gardener, succulents only need water when their soil is completely dry. 5a01da42f474eb2c5aebf0ef4a7f78f8
  2. Begonias Begonias are available in all sorts of different colors, and just need an occasional watering. In Winter, they require even less! c6e0a312eeab2bc0d3658243fefe23d6
  3. Anthuriums This gorgeous, colorful plant adds spunk and fun to any space. Water about once a week, or when soil is dry. ccd457db4e491c69158d2333fcff7d84
  4. Bromeliads If you’re missing the tropics, Bromeliads are certainly the plant for you. Just water the blooms, not the soil, once a week. 52292e27da1dd605475308ef712f4a3f
  5. Peace Lily Peace Lilies are stoic beyond belief. (If only World Peace were so stable…) Honestly, just water your plant when you remember.

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