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My Marrakech Souk Shopping Guide


El Jouli Miloud

I visited Morocco back in December, and I’m still recovering from the absolute glory that was Marrakech and the Sahara. It’s a wonderful place to visit for adventurers, scholars and shopping-enthusiasts. Wherever you find yourself, be it Marrakech, Fes or Casablanca, the city’s main souk is the center of it all. It is a frenzied, energetic course of winding, maze-like roads, all lined with artisans and their wares.

When in Marrakech’s souks, I recommend popping into the following shops:


The girls in their L’Ourika jackets at La Mamounia.

L’Ourika is the place to purchase chic Moroccan coats and jackets. Delicately embroidered with sweet, mandarin collars, L’Ourika is actually where Giorgio Armani finds much of his resort wear inspiration.

Bazar du Sud, where I bought an authentic Berber runner, has been around for nearly 80 years. Go here for rug demonstrations, and leave with a rug you didn’t know you needed! All shapes, colors and sizes reside here, and the staff is extremely helpful. Ask them to deliver your rug to your hotel to avoid carting it around for the rest of the day.

Catty-corner to the Musee du Marrakech, visit Herboriste du Paradise to explore various indigenous spices, herbs and dyes. There are spices and herbs for everything, from cooking ingredients to ailment assuaging concoctions.


Chabi Chic, right next door to Nomad, a superb restaurant with rooftop views over the souk, is a cute home goods store for ceramic creations and kitchenware. Shop here for handpainted cups and bowls.

El Jouli Miloud is the spot for elaborate light fixtures and gorgeous tea sets. It’s a fantastical treasure trove and an interior design maven’s absolute heaven. I purchased a lovely copper tea set, complete with a hammered tray and four petite, glass cups while there. El Jouli Miloud is happy to ship any of your purchases back to the United States.


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