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New Dog on the Street

You know what’s kind of weird? The dogs I keep seeing wearing shoes. Maybe I’m completely behind on a totally hip, new trend…but I feel like there’s got to be another reason. It’s not like they’re pampered pooches in Manolos. This is the city of Carrie Bradshaw after all, but even she doesn’t seem like the type to dress her dog. (Question of the century: How does she afford all of her shoes? And her apartment? And going out as often as she does? She’s a writer! ) I digress.

Actress Sarah Jessica ParkerI have to believe there’s a reason. Maybe these pups have medical conditions? The streets of New York can be pretty hot in the summer. It’s not a completely bizarre assumption, and it does seem like the only viable option in my mind. I want to do some sleuthing and figure this out. I can’t be the only one to have noticed this blossoming development.

Does an accessory need accessories?

Does an accessory need accessories?


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