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The Wrong Way to Pack for College

I did not pack correctly for college. I’m just gonna say it, although I know I’ll regret this statement: I completely over packed.8327810_fpx Rather than approaching the essentials as my go-to looks, I chose to bring my most eccentric tops, skirts and dresses. I had planned for a daily fashion show, when the reality only necessitated some tight black dresses, multi-colored t-shirts and a few pairs of jeans. College seemed like the perfect place for me to try out a new look…except, my new look was going to take major energy, upkeep and a handheld steamer.

NMI0EQB_ekThe two least helpful things I packed were a pair of ‘cute’ pajamas, and a printed, silk maxi-dress. Light pink with maroon lining, my matching pajama shorts and top were useless. Matchy-matchy, especially for sleepwear, is only cute in certain scenarios. College is not one of those. I felt somewhat tool-ish amidst my friends in their t-shirts and jogging shorts. The maxi-dress was a complete no-go. I pretty much sensed that within the first forty-five minutes.images-1

The keys to packing incorrectly for college are as follows: Pack clothing that requires maintenance. Bring the shoes that, if stained, you can’t live without. Pack a dress that’s too tight on you, because it’s definitely going to fit by the end of the semester! Definitely bring the nice jewelry your grandma brought you. And, most importantly, you need three turtlenecks.images

Ultimately, with two years of experience under my belt, I’ve determined that throwaway shoes are the way to go when stepping out on the town, and urlsleeping is much more functionally done in a giant t-shirt. The way I saw myself dressing in college versus the way I actually have come to dress is kind of like the difference between a Disney Princess and a human girl

— majorly different.

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