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Soludos in the City

soludosMeandering through the streets of New York, especially when I have to walk multiple miles, is definitely aided by comfortable shoes. There was a time when I was willing to suffer through blisters and abrasions, but that naïve little chica is no longer! I’m over subjecting myself to that. There’s no charm in pinching my toes into submission or bleeding from my heels. Truly, my feet never looked worse than they did last summer. Traipsing around in tight wedges—I have uber broad feet—was not a smart move. Nor was wearing flats— I definitely attribute that poor decision to the ongoing pain I feel in my left calf.Sloane-Ranger-Espadrilles-For-Spring-03

lauren-bacall-3I am currently obsessed with the Soludos espadrille. Not only does Soludos mix fun prints with a classic summer shoe design, but their espadrilles are also exceptionally comfortable. (Fun fact: Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly were both big fans of espadrilles. These shoes have got some star power!)

I find the base of the shoes particularly breathable, but definitely recommend additional arch support. Superfeet work like a charm, and are certainly worth the investment. All I do is cut them to the shape of my foot and shoe, and all is well in the world!images

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