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Playing Pretend with Your Head

10622877_10152339492206914_4574555055224211328_nWatching as my sister preps for her first day of college, I can’t help but think how nervous she must be. I am certain that she’s incredibly excited, but I also can sense the palpable anxiety emanating from her overdrawn smile and jittery gesticulations. My sister is ready, and more 983841_764727986955209_1298764680605387269_nthan prepared for her first year away from home. But even so, she’s nervous. And that’s okay! It’s okay to acknowledge that while one part of her is awaiting new friends and new experiences, another part of her is slightly paralyzed. How can she not be?

Dress by Draper James.

Dress by Draper James.

Pants by J. Crew.

Pants by J. Crew.

With any big transition, a little nervousness can be good. At least, that’s what my dad says. But truly, it is! And sometimes, rather than internalizing these emotions, and trying to push them away, it’s best to embrace them. Admitting vulnerability sometimes makes it easier to cope with nerves. In my experience, it enables me to open up and ask for help if those feelings ever get too debilitating. Just some food for thought, and honestly a post to ease my mind as my sister begins this journey…

Go, Miss Girl, go!

The Worst Halloween Costume Ever.

Mouse costume by unknown.

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