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Collage Wall

It’s official! My baby sister is a college girl! (Thumbs up for rock and roll.) I definitely grew a little crabby as the day progressed—her move-in time was in the late afternoon. That is far too much waiting for a nervous gal and her anxious IMG_7143sisters. We made do by reminiscing about my Orientation Week. What a difference it is being on the other side…I would give anything to go back to my second day of freshman year, but never IMG_7166my first! Nerves, nerves, nerves.

Anyway, I was super excited about the collage wall we installed in Haley’s room. I love pictures, but I hate an over-cluttered space. Haley and I bought some great white, wooden frames from Michael’s, and filled them each with happy photographs from home. We made sure to buy varying sizes, and arrange them both vertically and horizontally. A collage wall is its most IMG_7165successful when there’s variety in shape and display.

Then, to add pops of color and a bit more fun to her space, we hung bright wooden signs from Sugarboo Designs.IMG_7151
Also, considering Haley’s room has minimal wall space, we divided the pictures amongst three main areas. We had to rework our initial idea, but I think the three walls provides more consistency within the room. There’s definitely a lot of open room to add more pieces of art and photographs as the year goes on, but I’m excited about what we’re starting with. I think my beautiful sister is going to have a great year! At the very least, her room is cheerful and dotted with great memories from home.

This is the ideal collage wall. (Pencil & Paper Co.)

This is the ideal collage wall. (Pencil & Paper Co.)

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