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Martinique Wallpaper

tumblr_nrgvq255Ju1uav5f5o1_1280Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, BANANA LEAF WALLPAPER! (I’m doing a play on a Raffi song. A lot of people don’t know who Raffi is…Very weird to me because he was like, my favorite artist when I was three. He sang “Baby Beluga.” If you have not yet heard this ode to a small beluga whale, I implore you not to deprive your future children of this glory. Anyway.)

indochine-restaurant-martinique-new-york-cityI spent a week in July at the beautiful Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. One of their main foyers has the classic Martinique wallpaper that decorates the Beverly Hills Hotel and Indochine. Green is my favorite color, and I love fun plant patterns, so I am currently obsessed with recreating this look for myself. Even a small panel with this wallpaper could totally transform a space into a lighter, brighter paradise.

I love the idea of a backsplash to a bar being lined with some banana leaf. Pair this with a cute bar cart, and you have a whole new space! Don Loper created this wallpaper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel, and these three locations are now the most famous examples of banana leaf paper. Can’t you totally see why?:

  1. Beautiful IndochineIndochine by Julien Jourdes for the NY Times Luxury-Tropical-Restaurant-Interior-Design-Indochine-Bar
  2. The Beverly Hills Hotelbeverly-hills-hotel Martinique Banana wallpaper Beverly-Hills-044
  3. The Greenbrier Resort & Spaf545a2da513a37d9042c4c03cfc6b8a4 ce939fb1d71886638454dd2933214f93

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