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Debating Things

argument-cartoon-300x239I really struggle not to take debates too personally. It’s one of my greatest weaknesses, because I (clearly) like to share my opinion. And yet, I can’t help but feel personally offended, attacked, or deeply irritated at the opposing side when an arguement takes place. It could be something as simple as debating favorite ice cream flavors, or as complex as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, but I really shouldn’t be allowed to participate.

I’ve always been a highly sensitive person, although I don’t like to



admit it, and I struggle to take any form of constructive criticism. My newest approach is to feign interest in the opposing side, and let the debate simmer down. In the past, I’d normally let a debate escalate and escalate and escalate…but that really isn’t my best move. I finally understand why people don’t discuss politics at dinner, especially after a conversation I had with friends last night.bill-clinton-george-bush

Still, I think this question is interesting to pose, at least for some thought: Who was our best POTUS? Who was our worst? I won’t share my opinions, because that’s what launched this whole musing in the first place, but isn’t that intriguing to think about? Best and worst. How can you choose? What qualities make a leader the best versus the worst? It all depends upon the individual, and for now, I’m keeping my mouth shut.

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  1. Avery I do the same thing – feigning interest in the opposing side – to keep things from getting too intense bc I hate conflict! Oh well, maybe I’ll get more comfortable with it eventually.
    Love your blog girl. 😘

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