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Guilty Pleasure/Pain: “Dating Naked”

Last night, for my beautiful friend Sarah’s birthday, we played pictionary. After that, upon HER suggestion, we watched “Dating Naked.” This is both the greatest, weirdest, most uncomfortable, amazing reality television show. My boyfriend loathes reality television, and we are currently watching the second episode as I write this. This is a big deal, especially because I adore the entire Real Housewives franchise. The number of times I’ve tried to convince both Sarah and Garrett to watch those shows…and now they love “Dating Naked”! What the heck?!fea-naked-01-2014

I don’t want to like this show, and sometimes it’s so cringeworthy that I have to close my eyes. Think the awkwardness of a first date, plus the competition of “The Bachelor.” Now, add nudity. A recipe for a show I unfortunately enjoy. (Sidenote: Garrett is watching with rapt attention. This is awesome.) BtFB3Z9IAAE4Kdp

Kerri and Chris are the two leads, and they stick around for the entirety of the show. They can date each other, or they can date their “Keepers.” The lingo on this show…All we could think when we heard that was Harry Potter/Quidditch…Quotable moments abound. Particuarly when Kerri goes on dates. For some reason she gets the WORST guys, but it makes for excellent entertainment.

My opinion probably counts for very little, because I love reality television, but: FOUR STARS!

Happy 22, Roon!

Happy 22, Roon!!

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