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I Love Lemons!

photo 5

We named this dog Coconut.

Lemons not only make lemonade, but they also make big style statements in Positano! This past weekend, I went with a small group of friends to the Amalfi Coast. After getting off at the wrong stop, never trust the tourists who have been their for three days and are now supposed “experts,” we walked forty minutes to the most adorable town I’ve ever seen. (I’m not gonna lie, I was not particularly thrilled by the prospect of a precarious walk on switchbacks, but the views were out. of. photo 2control.) Also, mom, if you’re reading this: Someone offered Grace and I a ride on his motorcycle and we said no. Aren’t you proud?

photo 4

Me trying to take a blogger pic with lemons.

Anyway, lemons. Lemons are what bring us together today. I don’t know why lemons are such fixtures in Positano, my Italian is still weak at best, but, I do know that they are fixtures! From ceramic plates, to lemon candies, to tablecloths, the lemon motif is huge. I’m a big fan.

I ended up bringing home this adorable apron with a recipe for a lemon tart on the front. It’s also completely turned me around about what I want tables to look like. Should I integrate some lemons? We shall 3

**Also, go to Tre Sorelle if you ever make it to the big P.

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