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I Wear Tight Shoes

One of my greatest flaws has always been, and will continue to be, my inability to dress for appropriate conditions. Whether it’s a question of weather, or a ten mile walk in heels, I will always be the one without a rain coat. Or in heels. At the same time, I’m also always the one in platform flip flops with bright blue sweatpants and a long green sweater. Credit to Sydney for pointing this out. Slash, who wears platform flip flops? IN THE WINTER?

I’m really starting to suffer the consequences of this in Rome. My apartment is a fifteen minute walk from school, which is all fine and good, but if I plan to explore, that tacks on a ton more minutes, miles, cobblestones and the like! Yesterday, in a hurry to get to class on time, I threw on a pair of pinchy, pointy, grey suede flats. First of all, like the platform flip flops, this is a purchase that does not really make sense. Second of all, I got two kiiiiller blisters on my heels. They were bleeding, and my Professor, bless his heart, asked me if I’d been running. (Sweet, sweet man, little does he know I would never run.)

Anyway, I need to ameliorate this situation. Therefore, I am making a pact with the nine people that read this, right here, right now: I will dress appropriately from here on out. Or rather, I am gonna try super hard! Learned behavior is so hard to beat. (This includes proper application of neosporin on my removed stitches…)

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