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I Just Like It. Gosh.

An excerpt from my journal: “Sunday March 30, 03 Today was kind of boring ‘caus all we did was pack. The only fun part was riding our car with no seatbelts.” (This, young grasshopper, is what I call a hook!)

Always a pleasure.

A pleasure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.05.43 PM

When I was a little kid, there were few luxuries quite like getting to ride

Always liked this.

Always liked this.

around with my seat belt unbuckled. I am certain this was one of my most favorite activities— and now, at this juncture, I can’t even recall  why I was so obsessed with it. I mean, you’re still in a car…on a sunny day…Maybe that’s kind of the joy of it though, its lack of a significant reason. There’s no real reason why I like not using a seatbelt other than that I like it.

Like this.

Like this.

I guess it can be a hassle to click the seatbelt in? To feel mildly restricted? Otherwise, when we were younger, that was just a much more acceptable point of view. I could argue, “because I like it!”, the way my mom could argue “because I said so!”. It’s incredibly simple, effective and efficient. It’s like saying, what more of a description do you need, ya dumbo? I like it, because I like it!

To like something simply because I like it is pretty liberating. I don’t want to always have to explain myself. — Even if the person I’m explaining myself to is, in fact, myself. Just let it be. Letting myself relax into my own desires, without seeking out some form of affirmation all the livelong day is prettttty dang nice.

Just like this.

Just like this.

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