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An Ode to Gemma

I love “Sons of Anarchy.” If you currently do not watch it, here are three reasons why you should hop on Netflix tonight and binge watch the heck out of it: 05ec6652584977df976c719dcd563d7e

  1. Gemma.
  2. Teller.
  3. Morrow.

Okay, okay. That doesn’t really give you much information. “SOA” centers on a fictional town in California called Charming. As inhabitants of the town and members of an extremely violent tumblr_mr1ssfOS2h1svp2upo4_r3_250motorcycle gang, the Sons only have eyes for one woman: Gemma Teller Morrow. Gemma is the “SOA” President’s “Old Lady,” and she is genuinely the most kick-butt woman on television. (Or online. The show’s over…But it feels so real to me!)

She is a fierce mama bear, and holds her own in such a tremendously bold way amidst all those who cross her path. For example, this isn’t giving away much, but when she is scorned by a bartender-friend, Gemma hits the bartender across the face with a skateboard. Breaking her nose. j429cm

I’m not even into violent television! I had to stop “Breaking Bad” midway through the third season, and I usually have to look away. But I can’t stop clicking next on the ‘flix!

gemma-clubThe show is dark, funny, and surprisingly smart. Gemma is the big sell though. Here’s the insane skateboard clip: 

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