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There are certain songs you can’t shake. Every time you hear them…there it goes again. Rush of emotions. Slight constriction. Eek. How am I suddenly back in 10th grade? I wish I could rid the association some times. I just don’t want to hear this GREAT song and think of THAT. Because the reality is, I don’t think of that, ever. Except when I hear this dang song.

“Hey, it was enchanting to meet you.” Taylor Swift. How I love you, but how I wish this song had never been written. Or at least, that I’d waited just a bit longer to listen to it. There are songs that remind me of my parents, my siblings, specific memories of specific places with specific people, but “Enchanted” has such a way of reminding me of the pinnacle of teenage-angst. First love, the beautiful, scenic chairlift up to the top of a magnificent, seemingly never explored mountain– and the surprisingly treacherous descent.

Let’s face it, heartbreak, as horrible as it was, was good to experience. It gave me an enhanced appreciation of myself, a greater understanding of other people, and an empathy for all the present, past and future brokenhearted. It closed me off for a while, until I finally felt comfortable dipping each, individual toe into the water. But I’m glad for it. It was worth it, for what, and for whom, it ultimately brought into my life. (shout out to @g)

Regardless, “Enchanted” was that break up song for me. I think it holds such significance because in some sense, it also marked the beginning of that relationship. “Enchanted” was the song I played right when it began. All those exciting moments leading up to the first kiss, the song constantly played on repeat during initial conversations. Interesting how that happens…There’s got to be some massochism involved in this.

What’s your break up song? Better yet, what’s your falling in love playlist? Breakups only merit one tainted song, after all.

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