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Moody Covs

Dolly_jolene_single_coverI am a big fan of the acoustic cover, the techno revamp and the slight twist on an iconic 80s pop song. There is nothing like going on Songza, and hearing a moody interpretation of one of your favorite country songs. (I have a penchant for piano ballads. If that appeals, it’s a delightful channel.) Here are five cover songs that are equally as good as their originals:

  1. “Ain’t Nobody”: Chakaaaaa. I wish that were my name. Or at least, I wish I had a friend that I could nickname “Chaka.” My little brother is always in need of a re-nickname. Ry-Dog doesn’t have the same cache as it did in 2003. Original is a little more groovy, cover is an easy-techno song. 
  2. “How Will I Know”: I love Whitney. And I love Sam Smith. There is no better person to cover this song. I love belting it out in the shower. 
  3. “Higher Love”: This song always reminds my mom of her mother. I showed her this cover and she teared up. It’s a goodie. 
  4. “I Can’t Make You Love Me”: If you feel like blessing you ears but hurting your soul, this is my favorite cover of them all. I can’t get over the lyrics. So real………
  5. “Jolene”: Jolene sounds like an awful person, but the guy Dolly and Miley are singing about seems way higher+love+finalworse… 

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