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Chills, They’re Multiplying

8baa3638345b6079cd3ccf1c0ff9cdb4Sandy from “Grease.” Beautiful Olivia Newton-John, less creepy John Travolta. What a film…I used to watch it incessantly. Every kid has that movie they watch on repeat. I don’t understand how it didn’t get old. It would end, I would go to sleep, and the very next night, I’d watch it all over again! (Ryan, if you’re reading this, your version of this was “Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase”. You watched this movie so many times, I can genuinely tell you each level they had to complete to escape the dreaded video game. Your favorite was the amusement park scene.) dbfb064e2df960d8625edabdfb873b71

Okay, so. Thoughts on Sandy: When I was little, I thought she got so much cooler in the end. For Halloween, I was the bad-ass Sandy, with her tight black jump suit and her red lipstick. “Tell me about it. Stud.” So cool! Too cool! Doesn’t everyone want to make this naughty-to-nice transition for a guy? For a guy as totally rad as Danny Zuko, no less? With his minimal intellectual, athletic and social abilities?! He’s such a dream!

e7c3e867c1a75ba9feb655f43c2b2ec5No. No. Not cool. Sandy! Why? You are so much better than Danny! And Avery, why did you ever think this was okay? Reading into this musical is probably not for the best. There are a multitude of incredibly questionable elements to its plot, and only now am I realizing what they were really dsandy_afteroing in the backseats of their cars///that Rizzo had a pregnancy scare. Regardless, I wish I could say I preferred Sandra Dee over her alter-ego. Sweet, kind, gentle, perfect Sandra Dee. But I like jump suit wearing Sandy more! Why? Does anyone else feel this same way?

Maybe it would be more okay if I felt Sandy were making this transition for herself. But I think it’s all for Danny…

Also: I pray that I age more gracefully then Mista T.87b33392bb8d56574d6d000d895f370f–> nooooo url

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