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When Does it Get Weird?

boy-band-image-3I wonder at what point I will be too old to enjoy a good boy band. I think, because I’m basically Harry Styles’ age, I can keep being a closet-One Direction fan. (Although, I’m not even that ashamed of it, because I will proclaim to anyone who wants to hear it: I am for sure the ultimate consumer. Everyone likes certain products, brands, bands, whatever, for a reason! Sure, I like to stray from the crowd, but only so far as liking Ryan Adam’s covers of “1989.” Oh gosh.) I just mean, won’t it start to get a little creepy? url

boyz-ii-men-cooleyhighharmony-album-cover.562.325.cI also wonder at what point a band that’s been classified as a “boy band” since its inception becomes just…a band. A man band? I don’t know. I don’t think NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys will ever escape that ‘stigma,’ if you will. To be fair though, the Backstreet Boys did choose a pretty stagnant name. At least Boyz II Men gave themselves the option for evolution.

I feel like this is also much more distinct to pop-singers. A rock band of 43-year-olds is cool. But it strikes me as bizarre toonedee imagine pop-singers still bouncing around on stage when they’ve had kids, been married for a while, are supposedly mature. Boy is just such a box of a word. Cuckolding…

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