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12109312_10203747583208493_2311748767344225862_nThere are so few events in life where you get to concretely celebrate the platonic friendships you have. There’s the option to legally, under God, promise your love to a significant other, followed by the inevitable honeymoon, but…There’s no honeymoon for girlfriends, where you get to just say, “Hey! I love you! We rock, and I think we’re great!” There’s nothing like that! Isn’t that wacky?

12088438_10203747578248369_4768839385388706954_nTherefore, I would like to introduce my new twist on the honeymoon: theeeee NUTELLAMOON! (I figure that honey and nutella are both delicious spreads, and honey is somewhat healthier, so I’d be for sure more inclined to eat that with my significant other than a jar of nutella. However, with a girlfriend, bring on that hazel-goodness! In fact, bring on three jars. We will eat whatever you provide for us. Isn’t it impolite not to? So. Nutellamoon. It’s the new ‘Galentine’s Day.’)

An ideal itinerary for an optimal Nutellamoon includes catching up, chatting, sitting, chilling, doing very little, watching “The Mindy Project,” eating, tanning and sleeping. Let me just say, I have tested the Nutellamoon many a time, but I finally got it perfectly right two weekends ago. Not only did I genuinely feel like I was a part of an odd couples retreat– with every couple being over the age of 60– but I also got to do every ounce of nothing that I wanted to do! I love nothing! 11201849_10203747581568452_1010215585195119009_n

❤ So much love for my girlfriends, and looking forward to bajillions of awesome Nutellamoons in the years to come! (Best part- one honey, but endless nutellas.)

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