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The Man in Cahoots with Nancy Drew

drew4wrapdj2As a child, I fell in love with the Nancy Drew series. I’ve always been fascinated by mysteries, and I was particularly clock3adrawn to this female sleuth. She was no joke! Do you realize how many mysteries she solved? 175! I don’t even know if I could solve who 175 of my Facebook friends are, let alone a jewel theft…(light humor. ha. ha.)

One thing that always remained consistent, at least for the first 34 books, was the cover art. I love the images used on the covers, and am super struck by Nancy’s bright, funky outfits. It’s cool to watch her evolve as the years pass! She does not age, so she always keeps her ‘slim figure.’ Pause: Why do they always note thaNd8ct she has a ‘slim figure?’ You’ve got to believe that if you’re on the fifteenth book, that idea has been hammered pretty hard…

Anyway, did a little research. The cover art that I’m nd30bfamiliar with was all painted by Rudy Nappi. Nappi illustrated covers for both Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys from 1953 to 1979. He passed away last March, but it’s interesting to explore the man behind the artistry! Anyone who’s read Nancy Drew can recall that first, great cover: Nancy holding a big, ol’ clock.

Anyway, thought he deserved acknowledgement, and hope to find some Nancy cover art to hang at some point! 

Mr. Nappi and his wife, Peggy

Mr. Nappi and his wife, Peggy

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