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It’s Beginning…

Advent-calendar-fabric.jpgTo feel a lot like Advent Calendar time! Yippee! When I was younger, my mom and Aunt CC used to devote much of November to prepping a reusable Advent Calendar for me and my siblings to share and open together. It’s such a fun way to get the Holiday spirit going, and honestly, it really helped me learn how to count! (At least up until 25.) images.jpg

As a college student, I’ve reverted to the chocolate calendars, which is fine and dandy, but I do think it’s so fun to give some little, meaningful trinkets out each day. Even if you want to sneak your roommate a cute little note and a bag of peppermint candies, it feels good to GIVE!

Divine-Chocolate-Advent-Calendar-2013-1.jpgOnce you’ve decided you’re gonna go big, the debate about wood or cloth comes into play. I was always a fan of the cloth calendar, because then you can display it in the kitchen from a hook. But there are also some really adorable Scandinavian-inspired, wooden calendars. It’s up to you!

Here is a mock list of 25 days of advent treats, inspired by mom and Aunt CC. All of these things can be purchased from your local dollar store/craft annex. (This is for kids, but I can do an adult version too!)

  1. mini nutcracker2094_2_1.jpg
  2. Christmas tattoos
  3. golf pencils
  4. Christmas stamps
  5. mini moustaches
  6. Christmas band aids
  7. a packet of balloons
  8. peppermint bark
  9. googly eyes
  10. bubbles
  11. Christmas cookie cutter
  12. party poppers
  13. Christmas pocket notebook28ac6426764ada0654f33c125a926eb1.jpg
  14. red/green playdoh
  15. flower seeds
  16. red/green nail polish
  17. gold chocolate coins
  18. red/green chalk
  19. finger puppets
  20. mistletoe
  21. mini snow globe
  22. tiny parachutist
  23. kaleidoscope
  24. Christmas erasers
  25. a chestnut


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