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Turtlenecks, Not Just a Hip Article of Clothing

maxresdefault.jpgFirst of all, I love a good turtleneck. The sweater kind, I mean. It’s so lovely to be all wrapped up and cozy before walking out into the chilly, winter weather. Feeling slightly cold is one of my favorite things. (Just as, on the flip side, I like to feel slightly warm sometimes.) Having my neck covered only maximizes that potential. It’s the difference between feeling a nip in the air and smelling fire burning, and freezing your tush off with a stuffy nose! images-1.jpg

The point. Here it comes: Did you know that you can also EAT turtlenecks? That’s right. Introducing, the trdelnik (turtleneck), my new favorite sweet. I visited the Prague Christmas Markets with some of my friends this weekend, and ate an excess of street food. Think, potato dumplings with sausage and sauerkraut, hot cider, fried dough with cheese and, of course, trdelniks!

8045711_f260.jpgOkay, so, a trdelnik, besides being the best thing ever, originated in Romania. It’s now super popular in the Czech Republic, especially during Christmas time. Freshly made dough is placed on rolling pin type mechanism, and grilled over a fire. THEN, it’s dipped in sugar and a walnut mix. You can eat it with nutella or without! All I can say is, yes. Yum. More, please. How can I make it at home?

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