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Coloring My Worries Away

When I was a little kid, my nursery school teacher reported to my parentsSecret Garden that, and I quote, “If Avery does not think her drawing is perfect, she will rip it up.” So. Not only does that highlight the fact that the unattainable quest for perfection starts young, but it also shows that I have ALWAYS had a taste for the visual arts. Or, ‘vis arts,’ as the cool college kids call it.Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.19.22 AM.png

But the thing is, I am truly terrible at drawing. I find it stressful that my body is incapable of producing straight lines. Even doodling has become somewhat of a challenge for me…And yet, drawing, like a lot of other repetitive processes, can be incredibly soothing.

The other day, I came across an incredible collection of coloring books. The masterful artist Johanna Basford has created exceptional, interesting designs to color in. I realized: this is my ‘vis arts’ calling! Coloring! I bought myself a packet of coloured, not colored- I was in England – EF3pencils, and the rest is history.

The books come in multiple themes, although I was particularly drawn to the “Enchanted Forest.” (It’s the most fairytale-like of them all.) I completely recommend picking these up for yourself, for a friend, or as a great last minute Christmas present. Stress relieving to the max!

Here’s a link to her site:

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