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Self Portrait

selfp3005822217_p1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY295_.jpgI want all of these dresses. Right now. Today. Forever selfp3006113194_p1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY295_.jpgand always. They are so the perfect mix of conservative and…sassy? They’re an investment, but I feel like they’d totally work for the rest of our lives. Who’s with me?


The brand is called Self Portrait, and it was just launched in 2013. I keep seeing these dresses everywhere, and I’m getting greedy and needy. I wonder if one of these would be acceptable for the Black Tie Mirth Party I’m going to next selfp3006411656_p1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY295_.jpgSaturday. THERE IT GOES AGAIN! Mirth!

My ultimate fave is this one…


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