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As I’m finally wrapping up my semester in Rome, I feel like I can now OFFICIALLY name my favorite Roman restaurants. To keep the list manageable, I’ve stuck to four, plus one killer gelato shop. Write these names down in case you’re ever in the area! I’ve learned about most of my favorite places through stumbling across them or friend recommendations.dishes.jpg

  1. Tullio: This is my beyond favorite place to get the classic Roman dish “Cacio e Pepe.” Which literally means, cheese and pepper. I cannot convey to you how much I love this pasta. I order it 90% of the time I go out to dinner, and after trying lots and lots of different dishes, I can say with confidence that this is the best one. (My family, roommate, friends and bf agree.) Also, the atmosphere is super old school, down to earth. It’s where the locals go, which I know is a huge draw for tourists– oddly enough. My mom loves when things are, ‘authentic!’dar-poeta-roma.jpg
  2. Dar Poeta: If you want the best pizza in the world, and I’m serious about this, I have never eaten so much pizza in my life, then look no further than Dar Poeta! Located in Trastevere, a great area in the city that totally reminds me of an old, Italian village, with all its cobblestone streets, Dar Poeta is incredible. I love the house pizza, but you genuinely can’t go wrong with anything you try.dar-poeta.jpg
  3. Hostaria da Pietro: This little restaurant is tucked away into an alley off of crowded Via Babuino. (That’s the place where all the $$$ stores are.) It’s super unassuming, and the tiramisu is magnificent. They also make wonderful fish dishes– three cheers for sole!–, and their clientele is pretty cool. We saw Dustin Hoffman there! Here’s to you Hostariaaaaa. Avery loves you more than you will know. Oh oh oh…main_image_01.jpg
  4. Perilli al Flamino: Perilli was basically my home away from home. I felt like I was surrounded by family every time I walked in there. My roommate and I had Sunday dinners there every week, and I couldn’t think of a better place to grab delicious, homemade gnocchi. If you like pasta, they have a huge range of great options. Check it out!url.jpg
  5. Romana: And finally, the best gelato in all of Rome is…Romana! You must go. You must, you must, you must. Fresh. Pure. To die for. Scoot your boot over there!images-1.jpg

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  1. Ciao Avery James 😘
    It’s a Christmas gift tied with a big red bow! Thank you for sharing your favorites…I want to head to the airport now. And I’ll be sure to pass them along to Warren, my Spring semester Madrileno…


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