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(Mental) Makeover Scenes

0f2772ad-31b3-4406-ab47-a9dc1af74a6e.jpgWhat’s a good movie without a great makeover scene? I can’t help myself. I’m such a sucker for extended periods of 2000’s era pop music paired with pretty clothes. I would genuinely watch an entire movie with the same series of makeover scenes on repeat. There’s something about those scenes that empowers images.jpgme. Maybe it’s the Hollywood way of crafting a deeper meaning behind something that a lot of people see as totally vapid? But some makeovers aren’t just physical. They’re mental!

legally_blonde_mac_1.jpgI have three greaaaaat mental makeover scenes that I like to watch when I’m feeling down. I think it’s okay to want to care about looking nice, but I think it’s also fabulous to care about feeling great. Sometimes those things go hand in hand– sometimes they don’t! However it works for you, it’s hard to deny that these scenes aren’t fun to watch.

Okay, we begin with the classic: “Legally Blonde”. Elle says, “I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be.” MY GOODNESS DOES THAT NOT JUST PUMP YOU UP! I distinctly remember making my freshman year roommate play this on repeat the day after I got hardcore rejected by a boy.

Next up, always a goodie, “Pretty Woman”. I like to watch this one when I feel like people don’t take me seriously…Mainly pedantic professors.  BIG MISTAKE! Big. HUGE!

This one is for when I’m sitting around and I know I should be hanging out with people, but really just want to sit around. Sometimes it helps me get up…”I should hang out with my lion/scarecrow/tin man equivalents!” Usually makes me want to finish the movie, but, what can ya do?


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