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“Making a Murderer”

url.jpgIn the wake of watching the first few episodes of “Making a Murderer”, I have texted a huge number of my fellow “Serial” and “The Jinx” followers. I love true crime, and I can’t get enough of it during the Holidays. Let’s all admit it: As great as it is to be surrounded by family, sometimes you need an avenue to let off some steam. Whether I’m watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, or obsessively poring over information about Adnan Syed, I find it is a welcome respite from the hullabaloo.

Available on Netflix, this 10 episode docu-series follows– with such15-making-murderer-netflix.w750.h560.2x.jpg GREAT depth, the Steven Avery case. First, the man was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years. Then, once the Innocence Project (woo!) took matters into their own hands, he was released. …Only to be charged with murder a few years later. It is fantastically done. To me, it is far superior to both “Serial” and “The Jinx”. There’s less of an emphasis on the filmmaker and the host, and far more on Avery, his family and his lawyers.

The crooked cops and justice department add a further level of intrigue. My grandmother is a former public defender, and we’re both watching with rapt interest! Here’s the trailer:



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