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IP0409_Caramel-Glazed-Sea-Scallops_lg.jpgScallops, for me, are an unpredictable shellfish. To be fair, I don’t eat shellfish, but from what I know, they can be great…or really not great. It’s a chewiness issue, I believe. (Texture is totally an important thing for me with food. I know that sounds high maintenance– as my Southern Momma lets me know, I am high maintenance– but I don’t care! Overly chewy things make me feel all gaggy and gross.)

ScallopShell.jpgAnyway, with that in mind, why the heck is scalloped edging on clothes referred to as ‘scalloped’? Scallops don’t look one thing like all these cute new bathing suits I’ve been checking out. (Has anyone noticed how huuuuuge– call me Donald– scalloped clothing is right now? I wouldn’t eat it, but I sure would wear it.) I googled it, for your information, and I guess the shell of the scallop has similar ridging. It’s all wavy and fluted– like the bathing suits. Maybe this was obvious to some, but I am not super aware of marine life…I thought these were just random shells.

Here are my  fave scalloped Spring Break items!:

  1. I love Marysia! The stretch-crepe is sooooo forgiving and comfortable. Absolutely love the high neck on this bikini. They’re an investment, but I feel like the material is totally lasting. Me modeling the look below. (Just kidding.)Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.37.55 AM.png
  2. I love this J. Crew scalloped, sleeveless top. I feel like I’d wear it a ton during the spring and summer. Dress it up or down! Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.39.48 AM.png
  3. How cute is this white scalloped blazer from Draper James? Over a dress, with a skirt, with jeans. So many options! Totally breaking this out over Easter.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.41.24 AM.png

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