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1ccd0a4307722d0fc46bd2e16a81f4b4.jpg“I’m just a girl who cain’t say no! I’m in a turrible fix!” Ado Annie, how you speak to my inability to say no to plans! I’ll get asked, I’ll say yes…and then, minutes later, recall that 1) I have something else to do. Or, 2) I hate watching sports. Surely, she’s not talking about plans– she’s a hopeless romantic and she loves kissing! (It’s her “favorite food.”) And you know what, I  love it. I love her! She’s the most realistic character in this musical. In any musical, for that matter. With her giant hat, and her forlorn/adorable facial expressions, I can’t help but laugh. Laurey, who I used to find enchanting and fabulous in every way, is such a goody goody. “You can’t just go around kissin’ every man that asked ya!” Oh, Laurey. I think Ado Annie can. And she will. Here’s the kick-butt clip: v=A18kYnP4Pec

Later, when given the ultimatum between her long-time beau and continued kissin’ of Oklahoma 2.jpgfellers, Ado Annie sings, “Those stories of how I lost my bloomers! Rumors!” Oh my gosh! She is so cool— and those were definitely not rumors. I love that this 1950’s Oklahoma girl was written so progressively. There’s so much humor in all that she does, no judgment, and it’s clear that the writers had a great time crafting her character. Pushed up against Laurey, and all the other corset-wearing, picnic basket making girls, Ado Annie is a rockstar. She wants what she wants, and she gets it. And she’s genuinely happy with it! In the mean time, Laurey secretly pines over Curly. Gah! Three cheers for Ado Annie. New fave character.

Side note: Other favorite songs are, of course, “Surrey With a Fringe On Top,” “Many a New Day,” and “Kansas City.”

And, my fave Laurey outfit is…drum roll…20070617ae_jones_oklahoma_230.jpg

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