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Rogers & Hammerstein Review!

Oklahoma.jpgChicks and ducks and geese better scurry! Because I’m doing something GRAND this week. (Grander than the Budapest Hotel, the scheme of things and your parents’ parents.) I am going to re-watch every Rogers & Hammerstein musical! You heard me right– instead of devoting my traditional 102 hours of television a week to “Billions” and “The Wire,” I’ve decided to venture into the wonderful world of Curly, Laurey, the King of Siam, Bloody Mary and Maria!maxresdefault.jpg

First of all, I want to do this. I haven’t watched these films in years, and my weakness for soft lighting, and upbeat sing-alongs, is beginning to shine through. Second, as my dear friend Caroline turns 21 this month, I thought I might as well return to our favorite childhood pastimes! — Spending hours putting on musicals, in a futile attempt to stand on equal footing with Rogers & Hammerstein. Needless to say, Powers & Carmichael, ampersand included, has not garnered 34 Tony’s yet. YET! If anyone I know is going to win a Tony, it’s going to be Caroline.

awidw3ryv5d1r3vi.jpgSo, what’s on the docket? Tonight, “Oklahoma!”. Then, in this order (chronological): “Carousel,” “State Fair,” “South Pacific,” “The King and I,”
“Cinderella” and “The Sound of Music”. I’m curious about a couple of things. Will my favorites still be my favorites? Will I finally be able to watch the implied-sex scene in “South Pacific”? Will I combust from musical overload? We shall soon see! I’ll be writing my responses, my favorite songs and my overall top pick within the week. (This is riveting stuff, people.)Photo_Sound of Music06.jpg

In closing, Watch THIS! It’s like an old-fashioned frat party! Maybe?

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