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“South Pacific”

To the great dismay of my bank account, I have discovered some pretty cool vintage Etsy shops. At this very moment, my friend Kyra and I are hunting for a cute dress, a good deal, etc. at our local coffee shop. (When I say local, I mean the epitome of Durham hipster culture. My coffee has shave molé on it…I don’t get it, but I like it, and you would too!) Anyway, I’m super psyched about zestvintage. Super great customer service, and the options are fun and bright. I also struggle because most of the vintage options I like are in the small/extra small range, which I am not…so this was a nice surprise. We’ll see if the dress looks good!southpacific1.jpg

Back to R&H. “South Pacific.” A FABULOUS musical, that completely inspired and spurred on my desire to do some vintage hunting. Not that I wanted a vintage bikini, because something about that stresses me out a little bit– and none of them are lined…but it did spark some interest in me! Mitzi Gaynor is so gorgeous. I love “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair”. It was totally risqué to show an onscreen shower scene at the time!

Also, did you know my father, @Trenter88, made his stage debut as a sailor in “South Pacific”? I thought that would be interesting for insta fans of his to hear, because he’s so not theater-y. And yet, as some in-the-know Middle School boys have learned, the theater is an EXCELLENT place to meet girls. I can’t count the number of relationships ct-mov-0322-mitzi-gaynor-20130322-001.jpegthat blossomed under the not so watchful eye of our “Peter Pan” director…
Based somewhere in the South Pacific, during World War II, I really enjoyed watching this musical. I like history, and I like music, so what’s not to like? (P.S. I saw it on Broadway with Kelli O’Hara, and man is she awesome.)


Who’s there?

Sam and Janet.

Sam and Janet, who?

Sam and jaaaanet evening.

(You will get this if you watch “South Pacific”.)

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