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Patterned Patchwork

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.08.46 PM.pngI’m really feeling the ‘shabby chic’ look—in small doses, and with a greater emphasis on the chic than the shabby. (Why do I keep spelling this shappy?)  Mainly in the form of patterned patchwork, there’s something great about mixing together bright, fun textiles. I feel like this may be more of a Fall thing, just based on what I can find online, but I’ve definitely come across some cute Rebecca Taylor pieces for Spring/Summer. In fact, they’re on sale! I’m obsessed with this one cloth jacket. I have a serious problem with purchasing unnecessary, un-pairable (other than with a white or chambray shirt) jackets. My dream beyond dreams would be a custom Alix of Bohemia jacket. She takes shabby-chic to a whole other level…(

What’s also great, if you’re into that matchy-matchy life, as I occasionally (always.) am, patchwork’s quilt origins mean great things for furniture! Cool pillows and duvets galore! Always liking to give a good ol’ plug BLM-4.jpeg
for Cath Kidston, Miss Kidston had some really adorable patchwork quilts for children’s rooms not too long ago. I’m sure she’ll be moving in the same direction with her bags and clothing line. Patterned patchwork makes me happy because as much of a statement as it makes, it can be entirely dressed up or down. I’ve pulled a bunch of images of some awesome patterned patchwork shopping.jpegitems. Take note, this trend is not something I imagined: Chloé seems to be going super hard on their patchwork bags!

Also, I’ve been checking out the Moda Operandi Ulla Johnson Resort 2017 Trunk Show, and I’m obsessed with all of her patchwork. There’s a fabulous jumpsuit in a variety of blue florals, with a denimy vibe. It’s definitely my type of jumpsuit- if I am to have a jumpsuit type- because it is long, flowy and pretty!


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