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Amelia Bedelia & Idioms

2.gifI understand, I totally do understand, why Amelia Bedelia is endearing to young readers IMG_0790.jpgacross multiple generations. I find her endearing! I think the books are funny, and she’s a really amusing character. Her simple way of thinking enables her to make totally out of the box decisions. At the same time, how does Amelia Bedelia still have a job?

When I was five, I insisted that my grandmother and I bake lemon meringue pie—a la Amelia Bedelia. If that pie was good enough for Amelia to keep her job, in spite of her perpetual idiocy, I had to try it…It wasn’t as good as I had expected. I think I assumed that meringue would taste like this other-worldly confection—for some it may, but I’m equally, if not more pleased with barbecue flavored Fritos. (On that same afternoon, my yomain-qimg-d52910f934acd8ac05ad9bcaacedaf14.pngunger sister locked herself in my parents’ bathroom and we had to call the fire department! It was very exciting, from what I can remember.)

Back to Amelia though. I have to wonder, is being endearing enough to keep your job? I really don’t think so. Not that I have a ton of work experience, but I do feel, to maintain a position you can’t be a complete nincompoop. (What a great word, right?) Here are some fire-able offenses, in my mind, committed by Miss Amela Bedelia: — not because she did anything particularly terrible, but because she doesn’t seem totally compete

  • When she planted light bulbs in pots.
  • When she pinched Cousin Alcolu when the recipe called for a pinch of salt.
  • When she rolled jelly across the floor when asked to make a ‘jelly roll.’
  • When she dressed the chicken in lederhosen.
  • When she scattered dust all over the living room.
  • When she washed Mr. Rogers’ seeing glasses in the dishwasher.
  • When she cut apart a calendar when her cake recipe called for ‘dates’.
  • When she stole the bases from a baseball game.
  • When she destroyed the Christmas tree by trimming it down.
  • When she gave medical advice at the Doctor’s office. Period. (This woman should not be allowed to go near patients.)

Amelia is a great character, but not a person I’d ever want to interact with on a regular basis. The fact that she takes literally every single idiom…that would drive me bananas! (She’d get in a car with a bunch of bananas over that.)hqdefault.jpg

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