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The Pool Float Revolution

tay-swift-600x450.jpgI am giving Taylor Swift credit for bringing back the pool float in all its glory. Not to say
that it ever went away, (not trying to start some sort of sexy-back debate), but you can’t deny that pool floats are part of a niche market. Up there with Beach Sounds Radios and designer Ukuleles– conveniently both sold at Sunny Life, along with a wide array of pool floats. taylor-swift-instagram-md203962.jpg

su6sou5y_beach-sounds-blazzing-yellow.jpgHere’s my theory: Last July 4th, Taylor Swift gathered her squad together in Watch Hill, where she posted a bunch of pictures of her and her friends on swan/flamingo pool floats. With all the press she received, swimming around with her then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, I can’t help but think her influence had something to do with this product take off. Since then, the selection of pool floats has totally increased. Now we’ve got whales, ducks, watermelon slices and pineapples! It seems like pool floats are as essential these days as bikinis. You’re naked in your pool without one…

shopping-1.jpegThis could be a little farfetched, but in light of the press Taylor’s 2016 July 4th adventures have garnered, it’s clear that the songstress is a great brand promoter. Don’t you, just a teensy weensy bit, want to spend your Fourth of July with T Swift? At the very least, check out the selection of pool floats available across the Internet. You won’t be disappointed, because there’s definitely a design out there for everyone. Whether you’re into a bright Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.58.29 AM.pngand graphic look, or crisp and clean lines, pool floats are a great summer buy. For yourself, or as a housewarming gift for your new friend, Taylor!

At the same time, if you really want to cite the root of this trend, you very well could credit my sister and me, circa 1999.

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