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Reflections on Ruffles

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What do you know about ruffles? That they’re totally froo-froo and frilly? That they’re relics from a time gone by– i.e. the 17th Century? (Can you imagine wearing such a high, chokey collar? Particularly with a broach…Not that I feel bad for the landed aristocracy of that time.) That this crinkly cloth is the source of inspiration for a very popular potato chip? flowers_of_fire.jpgThat ruffles have ridges?  All of the above? Thought so.

Ruffles are ultra-feminine– think, Georgia O’Keeffe’s manner of embracing femininity. And as someone who loves to dress as girly as possible, I’m a big fan of this ruffle resurgence. It spans across a whole bunch of brands, and is a totally wearable trend. Certain things seem a little too risky for me– wearing fringe–, but you can always wear as many or as few ruffled elements as you’re comfortable with. In fact, I think that ruffles are worn best in structured, crisp moderation.

Funnily enough, Prince’s iconic, ruffled “Purple Rain” shirt was just sold for over $96,000! You never know…someday your ruffles might be worth 100K, so get a-shoppin! I definitely recommend checking out Simone Rocha and Alexander McQueen if you’re looking to splurge, as well as Draper JamesUlla JohnsonThe Great and WAYF for some more casual ready-to-wear looks.


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