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Roberta’s Sticky Bun & Bacon Ice Cream

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.47.48 AM.pngI’m about to start worshipping at the altar of Roberta’s Bakery and OddFellows Ice Cream. And I’m pretty certain, in time, so shall you. Last night, I checked out Urbanspace Vanderbilt for the second time this week. I’m really so fascinated by this collection of eateries, and super pumped that I won’t have to look any further than Grand Central for sushi burritos, empanadas, ramen noodles, donuts, and now,Unknown.jpeg sticky bun-bacon ice cream. My theory is that if I’m really gonna go for it in the eating department, I might as well try something creative. Right? Why waste my time on bread when I could have brioche-dough that’s been drizzled with caramel, baked to perfection, torn up and mixed with bacon and coffee ice cream? (They warn you that the treat is caffeinated!)

EAT_SAV_009_IceCream_HEADER_002.0.0.jpgI definitely recommend checking out Urbanspace, especially the OddFellows Ice Cream booth. The flavors are always innovative, surprising and totally work. I had Miso Cherry the other night, and it was absolutely killer. Who knew that would be a good pairing? Also, if you’re someone who likes ‘chunks’ in your icelarger.jpg cream– cherries, sticky bun bites, vanilla wafers–then you must try OddFellows. No excuses, people, particularly if you’re commuting in and out of Manhattan. Now, instead of having to make the trek to Brooklyn, you can head right on over to GCT. (Why does Brooklyn seem so far away?)

22503662315_41177e7d1e_b.jpgOther great eateries showcasing their goods at Urbanspace include, but are not limited to…La Sonrisa, Kuro-Obi by Ippudo, La Palapa, Hai Street Kitchen & Co., Dough and Roberta’s.

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