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Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let Down Your Hair Extensions!

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Rachel’s judging me. –>

IMG_0966.jpgNot too long ago, okay, maybe a little longer than my nostalgic mind
is comfortable with addressing, I chopped off all my hair. Hacked it right off! The Demon Barber of Greenwich Avenue went to town on me, and I was transformed. A brand new woman! (Sort of. The neuroses are still here, and continue to grow in number, while
waning in legitimacy. Oh, goody!)

My sister’s initial reaction to this haircut was a thoroughly supportive, “Uhh…”
Nonetheless, when it came time for my high school graduation, I resorted to a nifty little trick. Clip-in hair extensions! Rather than destroying my hair, and paying a bunch of money for ‘installation,’ I took a short cut. (Is this a pun? I don’t know.) My stylist clipped in long chunks of bright blonde hair. Easy as pie! Susan, from Warren Tricomi, did a fabulous job making them appear natural. She has a keen eye for detail, and I felt super confident.
There are lots of brands that offer great packages, like Lux Beauty Club and Donna Bella, that will save you money, time and hair strength in the future. These hair extensions are great for those who often feel post-hair cut regret.

All of this to say, once you’re done with your extensions, they’re completely reusable. You can use them on an Emma! A Sarah! Or even a Scott. Don’t they all look darlin?

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